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Contribute to the Miners Union
If your planet decides to contribute to the Miners Union, there are a few options available on how you can do that.

Add Voting Power for Union Members

The power of the Miners Union depends on how much TLM the Union receives for voting. If you want to increase the power, your planet can use the following proposal:
Title: Miners Union: Additional Vote Power
Text: Adding additional Vote Power to the Miners Union to allow players to make their voices heard in the elections to come.
To: miners.union
Memo: votepower,planetname


One thing that is always required on WAX is CPU. Your planet can help out legit players of Alien Worlds and give them one more reason to keep mining. CPU provides long-term benefits which are detached from TLM value.
If you or your planet want to increase the CPU in this system, your planet can use the following proposal:
Title: Miners Union: Additional CPU
Text: Adding additional CPU to the Miners Union to provide legit miners with CPU for their NFT Points.
To: miners.union
Memo: cpu

Drop TLM

Direct TLM drops are certainly always appreciated by players of Alien Worlds. If your planet wants to drop some TLM to legit miners in Alien Worlds you can use the following proposal:
Title: Miners Union: TLM Drop
Text: Providing players with additional TLM for their NFT Point mining efforts
To: miners.union
Memo: tlmdrop
As TLM Drops do not directly benefit the Miners Union long-term, 5% of the TLM is used to increase Voting Power.
The memo in all of the proposals is very important. Please do not add any additional information. 2.5% of all incoming TLM is used to pay Union Representatives for their work on the Miners Union. If no work was necessary the Union Representatives can decide to use the TLM as additional Voting Power, CPU or to facilitate a TLM drop.