Your fuel to play Alien Worlds
We have heard feedback that some players, especially new ones, do not have enough CPU.
Each time players claim your Voting Power and spacecrafts in the Miners Union, they will receive some CPU. The amount of CPU staked depends on the NFT Points earned since the last claim.
We have a CPU pool that will fill up by 6 WAX per minute. Claiming 1,000 NFT Points would grant the player 10% of the pool staked as CPU for one week. It will not be possible to get more than 10% of the current pool per claim. The CPU will be staked on the players wallet for one week.


The pool is currently at 5,000 WAX and fills up by 6 more WAX every minute. A player who has earned 100 NFT Points in Alien Worlds comes to get his Voting Power and spacecrafts. By claiming those this player will get 1% of the current CPU pool staked for one week. In our example this would be 50 WAX.
Last modified 4mo ago