In the Miners Union we will give NFT Points more meaning than ever before. Players will earn the following just by mining NFT Points in Alien Worlds:
  • Voting Power, used to vote for candidates
  • Spacecrafts, used to recover TLM from drops
  • CPU, staked for one week

Voting Power

Voting Power is used to vote for candidates, who wish to be elected in the Syndicates in Alien Worlds. The staked TLM from the Miners Union is used to then vote for the highest ranked candidates from the Miners Union.


By mining NFT Points in Alien Worlds, players will receive spacecrafts. These spacecrafts can be used to get rewards from TLM drops.


Each time Voting Power and Spacecrafts are claimed, the Miners Union will stake some CPU to the player. This CPU will be removed again after one week.