Miners Union

Digging deep for a better tomorrow!
Recently Alien Worlds introduced the Syndicates in Alien Worlds. Each week players use their TLM to vote for their planetary government. So in Alien Worlds money buys power. This is why we currently mostly see whales on the councils and miners have almost no chance of getting a seat at the table.
All planets are invited to join in and make this a great success. We will give miners a way to meaningful influence elections with their NFT Points, without having to stake tokens themselves. In addition to that we will provide Union Members with CPU and give planets an easy way to do TLM drops for legit miners.
Please fully read the document to understand how the Miners Union will work. The custodians involved will gladly answer any questions you might have in the Miners Union Telegram Channel or in our Miners Union Discord.
Last modified 30d ago